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What is a Light Worker?

A Lightworker is anyone who is awakened to the energy of the universe, aware of why they are here and dedicated to using their abilities to help guide others looking to connect to this energy as well.

We are the guides, the medics the caring voice and helpful hand to lead the lost through the unknown back to where they belong- at peace with themselves, the universe and all paths in-between.

Some of us are healers and clearers. Those who use our energy to clear the channels of all who have been completely cutoff and clogged. We tend to be the new medics, helping to heal those with emotional and physical ailments attributed to clogged chakra systems. We are the cosmic karma washers, the new wave of Baptists, dousing, washing and clearing bad energy from the daily dramas and stagnant energy that attaches to both the subtle and physical body.

There are many among us that are feelers. The empaths of emotion , clairvoyants and angels, who connect to other worlds to open the door to higher consciousness through archetypal manifestations.
Others are tuners. We teach the cleared how to reconnect and draw in the energy of the earth and universe, amplifying and mixing it with their unique essence and intention to manifest their conscious point of view the way they were designed to create.

Still there are some of us who are that are teachers, explorers, coaches and trainers, and channels connected directly to source and tuned into the master plan. We are lecturers, spiritual leaders, authors, bloggers, simple scribes, dedicated to communicating Gnostic information and help guide those who are seeking to connect and explore.

Whether you are just waking up and looking for some guidance or a very old soul with much to share, please use this site to reach out to other energy workers in your area and see what they have to offer you. We all have our unique piece to the wondrous puzzle of Life, it never hurts to how yours fits in.

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