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New practitioner look-up portal connects holistic patients with energy workers.

In the same vein that it took over a century for Chiropractic health practitioners to break into the main stream of our western medical system, there is a new wave of alternative care once considered too esoteric or advant-garde, starting to break ground into the mainstream of alternative care.

Riding the crest of a huge wave of consciousness centered on holistic care, both traditional eastern alternative techniques(such as Acupuncture and Shiatsu) as well as more recent energy modalities (reiki, energetics, EFT), that focus on balancing a patients emotional and ethereal energy fields, are quickly being sought out by all those awakening to the personal wellness benefit of these energy techniques.

But the question arises, Where does one find an energy worker right for them? Word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family or even simple internet searches, seem to spur the flow to this new movement. However, when it comes to personal health, what is good for the goose is not always best for the gander, prompting many to spend many tedious hours searching all over the web and combing through recommendations to find the practitioner that would be right for them.

This brings up another major obstacle prevalent with many small businesses. Most energy workers do not always have the experience, time or know how to effectively promote their business. Unlike, traditional medical doctors who have huge national exchange networks and multi-billion dollar insurance companies adding them to a multitude of provider look up tools and search engines, Energy Workers are left in the dark to figure it out for themselves.

Even if they are savvy enough to figure out how to set up a website, and keep up with the monthly hosting fees, chances are their website will be buried deep in the google search results unless someone is searching for them by exact name. Fortunately there is a new website designed to address these needs for Lightworkers and Energy Practitioners. A provider look up tool for people to search for an energy practitioner the same way they would their traditional doctor, by zip code, practice speciality (Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, ect), provider name or user recommendations: LightworkersToday!

LightworkersToday! however, is more than just standard drabby provider look up tool with clinical text in database formatting. It is a full featured interactive webpage for those who do not have one, a linkable search engine tool for those who do, and most importantly a community of consciously aware souls, spreading peace, love and light to everyone in need.
Best of all, LightworkersToday! is Absolutely FREE. Whether you are listing a profile (simply Register Here), searching for a practitioner or just curious to learn about what Lightworkers are here to do, check it out and start making that energy connection Today!.

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